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About Us

It is the roar of the furnace, the hiss of the angle grinder as it bellows bright orange sparks, the dull pang from hot metal being hammered on an anvil, the white flash of an arc strike.

All of these elements come together to form unique works of metal art, some visually similar but totally unique. All pieces are made by hand, crafted from original designs and inspired thoughts.

Atelier Jackman was established in 2013 with the objective of creating contemporary interior accessories and sculptures out of one of the most versatile materials known, iron; using traditional techniques and modern processes.

Yet we’re either cursed (or blessed), with dissatisfaction and constantly push to make each piece better than the last. To accomplish this, listening hard to every designer, each architect, and all clients is key.

As you’ll soon see, although we revere the traditional processes, we keep a lively eye out for new subtleties, new elegance of shape and technologies to incorporate.

Welcome to the experience. Welcome to Atelier Jackman.

Our Services

We provide custom metal fabrication serivces